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Apply custom tags

Group select fans using tags so that you can easily reference them later on. This can be valuable for running campaigns that target specific segments of your fan base. Take note of which fans have purchased from you in the past, isolate those who have downloaded your media through a specific E4M, or mark which fans were obtained via fan import.

Once you have tagged fans, you'll be able to email them specifically in your Promote tab.



When fans are obtained via a Topspin widget, our system cross-checks public records and will surface available information within your Fans tab. When fans click to confirm their address via their inbox, their IP location is logged so that you can specifically target them later on. Geo-tagging takes about 24 hours, so fan locations will generally be surfaced within 1 business day.

When emailing, you'll be able to target fans in a specific location by choosing that smart group when selecting your recipients.

Use built-in smart groups

There are a number of built-in smart groups that you can immediately start using to automatically filter and organize your list. Isolate fans by date acquired, method acquired, or by general location.

New, last 7 or 30 days: View all fans who have been recently added to your list.

Purchasers of Offer: Fans can opt-in to your mailing list by checking a box on the confirmation screen after checkout. You'll be able to see which fans were obtained by each offer using this smart group.

Purchasers of Tag: If you've organized your offers with tags, you'll be able to see all fans obtained through multiple campaigns.

Within Postal Code: Isolate fans within a general radius using this smart group. Alternatively, you can also export all fans, and then re-import just fans in a certain region with a specific tag. Duplicate addresses will not be added to your account, and the fans re-imported will now have the additional tag as entered during re-import.

Each of these smart groups will be selectable when choosing your recipients at the email composition screen. Choose to include, or exclude specific smart groups or tags for more effective email marketing.


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