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Make sure fans have double-opted in to your list

Before uploading an existing list to your Topspin account, ensure that all names on that list have double opted-in to receiving messages from you. This means that fans followed each of these steps to join your list:

1. Fan enters email address to join your mailing list

2. Automated message containing unique confirmation URL is sent to the email address entered

3. Fan clicks confirmation link and is then added to your list

It is very important to make sure that the fans on your list are real people, as messages sent to spam traps or non-legal addresses will jeopardize your account. If in doubt, you can create a new E4M to have your existing fans legally re-join your mailing list through a Topspin widget. Studies show that real humans are more likely to buy than robots.

Download our CSV Import Template to format your upload

In your Fans tab, click the blue Import Fans button at the top-right.


Click the Import via CSV button to get to the CSV upload page.

3.jpg Download the Topspin CSV Template

Paste your list into the template while keeping the provided header

Once you have downloaded the import template, you'll be able to paste your existing list in each corresponding column. Be sure to keep the exact header provided in the template.

Paste email addresses into column A, and to remove any non-English characters before import.

You will be able to open the .csv document in most spreadsheet programs such as Numbers or Excel. Once you have entered your email addresses and are ready for upload, save your import in .csv format. Trying to upload a .xls file will trigger an error upon upload.

Addresses will populate in your Fans tab once they have completed processing.

Note: If fans have unsubscribed from your list by clicking the Unsubscribe link in any email sent through our platform, their address will not be imported to your account. They will need to sign up via an E4M or by opting-in after purchase to join your mailing list.

Importing existing geographic information

If your current mailing list contains geographic data for individual fans, you can also import this data into Topspin along with your fans' email addresses.

To associate your fan email addresses with specific cities and countries, apply your city/province/country data to either "Billing" or "Shipping" columns: (Billing City, Billing State/Province, Billing Country) and/or (Shipping City, Shipping State/Province, Shipping Country)

Note: The "Geo" columns in the Topspin CSV template are 'export-only' columns (they aren't used for importing info, just exporting it)


Remember to use two-letter ISO codes if inputting "Country" info. For example, instead of entering United States, enter US in that column. A comprehensive list of official ISO codes can be found in the 'Import Fans'>'Import via CSV' section of your fans tab.

Geographic data will populate when available, about 24 hours following your import.

Importing large lists

If uploading a large quantity of email addresses, your import may be subject to review. Our highest priority is ensuring a high deliverability rate for sends through the platform. Invalid emails, and addresses not obtained through a double opt-in method may lead to bounces, which then negatively affect sends through our email platform. To avoid having your account flagged or suspended, please make sure that all emails are valid, double opted-in addresses to ensure a smooth import.

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