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How do I import an existing mailing list into Topspin?

To import fan email addresses into your Topspin account manually, just download Topspin's CSV Import template from your Fans tab.

1.) Start by clicking the "Import Fans" button in your account. 


2.) Click "Import via CSV"


3.) Download the Topspin CSV Template by clicking the "Get the Topspin CSV Template" download link


CSV stands for "Comma Separated Value". It's a spreadsheet format supported by most email software applications, and can be edited and saved in any standard spreadsheet editor like Excel. When you download the Topspin CSV Template, open it and paste your email addresses into the spreadsheet. Important: Make sure you don't alter the header row included in the Topspin CSV Template. This will prevent a proper import. 



How do I import my fans' geographic information?

If your current mailing list contains geographic data for individual fans, you can import this data into Topspin along with your fans' email addresses.

1. The "Geo" columns in the Topspin CSV template are 'export-only' columns (they aren't used for importing info, just exporting it)

2. To associate your fan email addresses with specific cities and countries, apply your city/province/country data to either "Billing" or "Shipping" columns: (Billing City, Billing State/Province, Billing Country) and/or (Shipping City, Shipping State/Province, Shipping Country)

3. Remember to use proper ISO codes for "Country" info. For instance, when you enter country information, don't type 'United States'. Make sure you use the standard, two-digit ISO code for the country. In the case of the United States, this would be "US". A comprehensive list of official ISO codes can be found in the 'Import Fans'>'Import via CSV' section of your fans tab.


4. About 24 hours after your import, you should be able to query and filter your fans by geographic location.

How do I export my list of fans?

In Fans, you'll also see the option to Download your Topspin mailing list. Click "Download Data as CSV". Absent any filters or specific selections, this button will allow you to download your entire mailing list in a CSV. If your list is relatively large, the exported list will be emailed to you in attachment form. Make sure to export your list to a robust email provider like Gmail. If you export your downloaded list to a less-equipped email provider, your attachment might be stripped out. Topspin delivers email addresses in chunks of 50,000, so if your email list contains 150,000 addresses, you'll receive three sequential emails with attachments containing 50k email addresses each.


You can also narrow down your download list by choosing your desired fan filters. 


How do I edit a Fan's details?

In the Fans section, click on an individual fan's email address. Here, you'll be able to view a fan's individual details, including location, acquisition date and method, revenue generated to date, and specific notes. You are not able to edit fan information beyond adding notes. The best way to edit a fan's basic contact and locational details is to re-upload a CSV containing updated information for the fan.



How do I sort the data in the Fans section?

By clicking on the column headers, you can toggle between ascending and descending order for the specified attribute.

How do I remove a fan?

If one of your fans would like to be removed from your mailing list, there are two basic ways to have them removed:

1.) The fan can click the "unsubscribe" link in one of your email messages to be opted out of your future mailings

2.) You can select the fan within the Topspin Fans section and click "delete". 

Can I view fans that were acquired by a specific widget?

Yes! In your filters (on the left of the Fans page), choose Acquired By > Offer > (specific widget). Then, to turn these acquired fans into a specific tag, download and then import that specific list back into Topspin. When you click on the Import link, you'll see an option to 'add to a new tag'. The fans will be added to the new tag and no duplicate emails will be added to your network.

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