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The Fans section of your account includes all fans who've voluntarily joined your mailing list via email for media, manual import, or post-sale opt-in. However, not everyone who purchases from you will choose to join your mailing list, which means there will always be email addresses that appear in your Fulfill tab that do not appear in your Fans tab. These are not subscribers, and cannot be located within your Fans tab. However, you can still contact these purchasers with important fulfillment-related notifications, if needed. For example, if you're a self-fulfiller, you may need to contact all CD purchasers (fans or not) in order to communicate a shipping delay to your paying customers.  Such communications should be focused solely on fulfillment/customer services issues, and should never be used for promotional purposes. Here's how to contact all purchasers of a specific product/offer: 

1. First, you'll need to find and copy the unique campaign ID or product ID that applies to your fulfillment notification. If a delay applies to all purchasers of your "New CD" product, go locate that product in the Products section and click. At the top of the details page, you'll see the product's unique Product ID: 



* Alternately, if the email only applies to purchasers of a specific offer, rather than product, just click into the offer itself in Sell, and copy the Campaign ID:

2. Take the unique Product or Campaign ID and search "All Orders" in your Fulfill tab: 

3. Copy and paste the campaign ids from all the applicable campaigns 
4. Navigate to the Orders tab (noting that the default view is "all merchandise") 
5. Select the appropriate filter. For example, if your tickets were digital or will call, you would want to filter on "all orders" or "digital only" 
6. In the search section (top left), choose search by campaign id and then paste the campaign id in the text field (multiple entries should be comma separated) 
7. Once you have all the purchasing fans that you'd like to contact, select the "Tag and Email" button from the action bar. 

8. You can create a new tag or append those fans to existing tag 

9. Once the tag is created, you'll then automatically be presented with an option to close the dialog or you can choose "Send Email to this tag" 
10. You'll then be navigate to the spin section where you will have the option to create an email Spin to contact fans (including those that opted-out) 

It's important to note that you may not send marketing emails to those fans. If we see a high occurrence of abuse from this feature, we'll be forced to disable it on a per account basis.

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