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When a fan purchases something through Topspin, they are immediately emailed a receipt. The receipt details their order and provides any download links included in their purchase. This receipt also contains a link to the "Live Receipt", which is an automatically updating receipt page that displays up-to-the-minute information on a customer's order. If you update the shipping date for an order, or add tracking information for an order, the customer will see these changes appear on their "Live Receipt" immediately. 



Updating Receipts

Once an order has been placed, you can locate it in your Fulfill tab and view its details by clicking its order number. 



Once on the Details page for the order, you will see one or two panels with editable information:

  1. Merchandise (if applicable): This is where you will edit information for Tracking #, Ship Method, Ship Date, and Status.
  2. Digital Media Links and Receipt (if applicable): If a fan contacts you about having lost their receipt, or needs the download link again, you can reset their download links here. 


Immediately after shipping an item, you should update the Merchandise Panel with shipping method, ship date, and tracking number, if applicable:



Immediately after hitting the "Save This Panel" button, the fan's live receipt will be updated:


Email notification doesn't happen automatically - its up to you. (Perhaps if everything is on-time, as the fan is expecting, an email is not needed. If the order is late, or early though, maybe you'd like to have an email sent.) Simply click the "Send" button within the Merchandise panel:


The fan receives an email entitled, "Your Order has been updated" with an updated version of the initial receipt they received.

Updating Multiple Orders

Find the orders you would like to edit and select them by checking the boxes to the left. Once you have selected the orders you want to update, choose one of the actions in the row of buttons just above the orders. 


Clicking on "Change ship date for selected" will bring up the following window:


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