Editing Order Shipping Status Follow

Every customer's live email receipt displays information regarding an order's shipping status. This status is updated automatically as orders are marked "shipped" within the Fulfill section of your account.



There are two ways to update customer order statuses:

1.) Manually (one order at a time) or 

2.) In bulk (by exporting/importing a csv file)

Advanced: you can also set up automatic pick-up and delivery via FTP

Manually editing an order status

To manually edit an order status, navigate to the Fulfill tab and locate the specific order(s):

  1. Check the box for the relevant order(s) (or select the gear drop-down and choose either option: "Select all rows in all pages" / "Select all rows on this page"
  2. Click the "Shipped" button in the row of buttons above your orders: 
  3. Set the correct shipping date for your shipped orders


Once you've marked orders shipped manually, select the shipped orders and click "Resend Receipt" and let them know their order has shipped.


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