Issuing Refunds Follow

If needed, you can refund a customer order right within your Fulfill tab. This will allow you to handle any minor customer support issues yourself quickly. 

Important Notes

  • It's not possible to exceed a 3% refund rate against your total transactions. If you need to issue bulk refunds for any reason, please contact our artist support team.
  • It's possible to issue a refund on any dollar amount against shipping. For instance, if your total shipping fee for a fan's purchase is $25, then you can delete any amount up to but not exceeding $25.

Refund Eligibility

Please note that not all orders are immediately available for a refund. It may take up to 5 business days from the date of purchase for an order to become eligible for refund with Global Collect (our payment processor).

Issuing Refunds

Once the refund status is eligible for refund, you'll see the an overview of the items available for refund:

Full refund

To issue a full refund for an order, click into the order in your Fulfill tab, and scroll down to the Refunds area:


Click "+ Refund" for the retail price and/or shipping charge


  • Reason: There are currently three types of refunds you can select. Test Purchase, Customer Dispute or Chargeback. Typically you'll want to choose Customer Dispute and provide a note detailing the reason for the refund.
  • Note: This is a text field for details regarding the nature of the refund.
  • Return x Unit's Inventory: Check this box if you'd like to return the inventory to the merchandise product for future sales. This is most valuable when your refund is freeing up valuable stock for future sales. 
  • Revoke all downloads: By checking this box, the fan will no longer have access to additional downloads via their receipt.

Partial refunds

Partial refunds work much as full refunds do (see above). You can issue partial refunds for each a la carte offer in a fan's purchase or any amount of the shipping (not to exceed the total paid for shipping). You cannot refund individual components of a bundled "Package" offer, however, as bundles are considered one unified product with one price. 

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