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Once you begin receiving orders for your Topspin offers, you'll be able to view and filter them within the "Fulfill" section of your account.



Your Fulfill section allows you to "filter" in order to display only certain types of orders. For example, to see all orders with physical merchandise that have not been shipped, click "Not Shipped" under "Filters". Next to each filter, a count of orders will show how many orders of that type are currently in your system. 


Search By Filter

The Fulfill section also includes a "Search" function to further refine your filtering.


The Search feature allows you to search for an order based on one or two search terms. Combining two terms gives a more precise cross-section:

  • Campaign ID: A unique Campaign ID is assigned to each offer you create in Topspin. You can find this ID in the Details of any offer in the Sell section. Searching by Campaign ID will allow you to view orders placed for a specific offer. 
  • Country: (two digit code): Search by country. Examples of two digit codes are here: "What are the valid country codes?"
  • Fan Email: Search by the fan's email address. Many times the email address will be provided in the customer support tickets.
  • Fan Facing Name: The fan-facing name of the offer
  • Order Amount: Search by the total amount for a particular order
  • Order Date After/Before: Search by the date the order was taken
  • Order Number: Search by the order number
  • Product Description: Search by the description of the product purchased
  • Product ID: Search by the product's ID
  • Product Name: Search by the product's name
  • SKU ID: Search by the SKU ID. This can be found in the product's details (SKU ID is the number at the far-left of the SKU table). 
  • Ship Date: The shipping date of the order(s)
  • Shipping Address First Name: Search by the address that the order is being shipped to
  • Shipping Address Last Name: Search by the last name that the order is being shipped to
  • Shipping Address Postal Code: Search by the postal code that the order is being shipped to
  • Shipping Date After/Before: Search orders placed between specific dates


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