Order Details Follow

Drill down into the details of an individual order by clicking the Order ID number if your Fulfill section. 



Order Info

  • Billing Name: Fan's billing name
  • Billing Address: Fan's billing address
  • Billing Email: Fan's billing email
  • Notes: A note can be created here on the order

Shipping Info

  • Shipping Name: Shipping name. This name may be different than the billing name if the order is from a fan to someone else as a gift
  • Shipping Address: Shipping address. This address may be different than the billing address, especially if the order is a gift purchase


This section of the order details is used to manage physical merchandise fulfillment. If multiple physical merchandise line items exist for the order, the table will have "Apply to All" controls to change multiple line items in the order. Once any changes are made here, be sure to click the "Save This Panel" button to save changes. 


This section of the order details is used to view digital order fulfillment details. From here, you can reset a customer's available downloads or test their download links. By default, fans may download a digital package 5 times. This number is set in the "Digital Download Field" in your Artist Profile in Settings. If a fan reaches this limit, you can choose to reset their available downloads. 


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