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The reshipment feature allows you to reship orders that have previously been marked shipped. Fans typically request reshipments when they haven't received their merchandise or their merchandise was received damaged.

When a reshipment is created, it will be displayed under a new order number with a $0 price.

Creating a reshipment

To create a reshipment, click into the Fulfill tab. You can search for the order via any available data that you have (email, order number, date purchased) with the 'shipped' filter to narrow your results.


  • Only items that have been marked shipped can be reshipped.
  • It's only possible to reship up to the quantity that was originally purchased.

Once you've located the order, click the order number to navigate to the orders details page. Scrolling to the end of the details page will display the "Reshipments" section:




Select all of the items in the reshipment section if it's a full reshipment or choose which items need to be replaced. Once you've chosen the products for reshipment, click on the 'Create Reshipment' button. This will create a new order and an entry in the 'existing reshipments' section for that order:

Once you've created the reshipment, the new order is then added to your Fulfill tab.

Viewing reshipments

Navigating to the orders detail page of an existing reshipment will display all the data available for the reshipment. There will also be an option to view the original order:


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