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Updating shipping status of physical orders

If you are self-fulfilling your physical merchandise, you can update the shipping status in a couple ways. Orders can only be paid out to you once they are marked shipped, plus it will allow you to keep track of what's been taken care of, and what still needs to be sent out.


From the individual order page

You can click on the order number on your Orders Summary page to navigate to that particular order. That page will show you the contents of the order, as well as the shipping address for the package. If you scroll to the very bottom fo the page, you will be able to mark each individual line item, and also enter tracking information.


The tracking number and shipping status will be updated at the bottom of the fan's receipt instantly once you save the panel.



You can then resend the fan's receipt by using the button at the top-right of the order page (just above the Merchandise module).


From the orders summary page

If you are looking to mark multiple items shipped at once, you can do this from the orders summary page. Marking orders shipped this way will not allow you to provide tracking information per order, so this method is best only used when marking orders in bulk.


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