Setting up Fulfillment Follow


Note: You must be set up as a self-fulfiller or have a fulfillment partner configured in order to successfully update order statuses. 

Important: Only 1 fulfiller per artist account. The Topspin application only allows a SINGLE party to mark items as shipped. That means that you have to choose to fulfill ALL items yourself or allow a designated fulfiller to fulfill ALL items. You cannot have some items that you fulfill and some items that a fulfiller fulfills. It creates an accounting/inventory management nightmare. e.g. the items you self fulfill will not get marked as shipped by your fulfiller allowing our finance department to pay out the for these orders or the shipping costs you incur. Thus, it's one or the other. 

Fulfillment Settings

The Fulfillment Settings section allows you to view and edit which fulfillment solution you're currently using. If you plan on partnering with a third-party fulfiller, Fulfillment Settings is where you can find your token (which your partner will need in order to become your official fulfiller). After determining rates and setting up an agreement with your fulfillment partner, you'll send them your token. Once a fulfillment partner receives your token, they will enter that into the "Fulfillment Profile' section of their own account (not yours).

Fulfiller Profile

The fulfiller profile section is important as it establishes who is fulfilling your fans' orders and where they are located. If you are self-fulfilling, you can set up the fulfillment profile within your own information (see instructions below). If you have a partner fulfilling, then they need their own fulfillment account. Such "business user" accounts must be requested from and reviewed by Artist Support (click "Help" in the top bar of your artist account to contact Artist Support). Note: Fulfiller Address information is required for taxation and support purposes.

Setting Up Self-Fulfillment

1. Navigate to Fulfill > Fulfillment Settings



2. Fill out the Self Fulfillment Settings form



3. Navigate to Choose Artist/Upgrade > Settings > Fulfiller Profile 






4. Update your Fulfiller Profile information (this is the address you'll be shipping from) and click on the Save button 




Setting Up a Fulfillment Partner

Overview and account creation

If you have a fulfillment partner and you'd like them to have Orders access to your account, please contact Artist Support so we can create a new business user account for your partner (click "Help" in the top bar of your artist account to contact Artist Support).

Note: Please provide the name of the fulfillment partner, their email address, and their first and last name.

Token handoff for third-party fulfillment

  • Artist: Retrieves fulfillment token from Fulfillment Settings (see above) and provides it to Fulfiller
  • Fulfiller: Logs into business user account and navigates to Fulfiller Profile section (see above)
  • Fulfiller: Fills out Fulfiller Profile information, clicks the "add artist" button, and inputs the artist's unique token
  • Fulfiller: Informs Artist that the token has been accepted
When this process is complete, the artist's fulfillment configuration is complete and ready to receive orders.
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