Multiple Rate Cards Follow

Multiple Rate Cards

It's possible to upload multiple rate cards to your Fulfiller Profile. Here's an example of a Fulfiller using seven different rate cards simultaneously: 


There are many advantages to using multiple rate cards simultaneously. Chief among them is the ability to offer your customers more than one shipping option during checkout. Wherever your rate cards overlap (let's say you have three rate cards, each with alternate methods and prices for shipping to New York), each available shipping option will appear in a drop-down menu when your customers are checking out. Here's an example of what this looks like in the Topspin checkout flow: 


Organizing Your Rate Cards By Price

It's often desirable to display multiple shipping options in order of price. For instance, in the drop-down menu above, you'll see that the domestic shipping options are listed by price from lowest to highest. The way to affect this drop-down order is to upload your rate cards in the intended display order. In other words, the first rate card you upload will be the first rate card that appears in your drop-down menu (at the top), and the last rate card you upload will appear last (at the bottom). Here's an example of how to achieve this: 

1. I have three rate cards titled "One", "Two", and "Three". Since "One" is the least expensive, I'll upload it first, followed by "Two" then "Three":


Once all three cards are uploaded, the Rate Cards section of my Fulfiller Profile should look like this: 


2.  Make sure that all three cards are applicable to the intended artist. Then, go test the checkout flow for one of the artist's offers. In this example, the drop-down menu should look like this: 



Editing Your Rate Card(s)

If you need to edit something in one of your rate cards and re-upload, you'll need to keep in mind the effect this will have on the ordering of your rate cards when they are displayed in the checkout flow. If you upload a new version of your first rate card and delete the old version, your newly uploaded card will now appear at the bottom of the drop-down menu. To ensure that your rate cards remain displayed in the intended order, be sure to re-upload each following rate card again, as well. Re-uploading all cards in the correct order will produce the desire ordering once again. If you'd like to see how rate cards themselves are composed or edited, please see our article on Weight Based Shipping

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