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Charge flat rate shipping for your offer

Flat fee shipping is charged per quantity purchased. That means that if a fan purchases 2 t-shirts in a single transaction, they will be charged 2x the flat fee that is configured. Check the Require Shipping Address so that is collected at checkout.


Shipping Price applies to all regions unless an exception is set

If you have a flat fee for all countries worldwide, you just need to set your Shipping Price at the top-left of the Shipping Rules section of your offer.



Setting individual shipping exceptions

You can set exceptions for individual countries if you would like to set a shipping price different than the rate entered above. Make sure to check the box and enter the specific price for that country to set an exception. Any country that does not have an exception set will be charged the overlaying rate set in the Shipping Price field above.



Setting shipping exceptions for an entire region

If you would like to set exceptions for an entire region, enter the rate, and be sure to click the blue-down arrow to apply that rate to all countries within that region. After you click the arrow, you'll see the rate fill in for all of the countries there.




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