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How to fill out your Topspin Fulfillment Packing Slip

If you're shipping merchandise to the Topspin Fulfillment warehouse, your shipment MUST include a complete and accurate packing slip that identifies every merch item you've sent. Not including complete information will delay our receiving process and will result in delays and a minimum $100 receiving fee. No exceptions. If you've thoroughly reviewed our official Topspin Fulfillment Instructions (click here to download the instructions now) and you're ready to ship your merchandise to our warehouse, it's time to fill out your Topspin Fulfillment Packing Slip (click here to download a blank packing slip). Here's how to get it right on the first try:

(*Tip- automatically create your packing slip using the packing slip generator in our Labs Inventory Report tool here)

1. Fill in your basic Topspin account information, contact info, and campaign "Street Date":


Your Topspin Artist Name and Topspin Artist ID are both listed in the Artist Profile section of your account settings. Your "Street Date" is the official release date for your merchandise (if this date is in the future), and should also be entered into any merchandise offers in the Sell section of your account, for example:


2. Include your Stock-Keeping Unit (SKU) details:

Click into each Product you're sending to our warehouse and scroll down to its "SKU" table. Each independent iteration of your product has a unique "Topspin SKU", which is found in the far left column:


If you'll be selling a T-Shirt that comes in multiple sizes, then your merchandise product will have a unique Topspin SKU for each size. Any configurable product will have multiple SKUs. In the example below, my T-Shirt comes in three sizes. I'll be sending 30 small, 50 medium, and 40 large:


Use the "Qty Delivered" column in your Packing Slip to declare how many units you're sending to the warehouse. "Qty Received" is for internal warehouse use only. Once your Packing Slip is 100% complete, email it directly to or (depending on which warehouse you'll be using), and then print out a physical copy to send in each box you're shipping to our warehouse. Our team will confirm send you an updated packing slip with the quantity received column populated once your merch has been received at the warehouse.

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