Where To Ship Your Merchandise Follow

Ensuring quick receipt of your physical goods

Please make sure to complete the following before you send your package to our warehouse:


1. Download our Topspin Fulfillment Instructions and review them thoroughly.

2. Send an email to our warehouse as soon as possible alerting them to your shipment. 

If using Topspin Fulfillment US, please contact our US team at artistfulfillment-us@topspinmedia.com 

If using Topspin Fulfillment UK, please contact our UK team at artistfulfillment-uk@topspinmedia.com

3. Make sure to attach your completed Topspin packing slip to the email for their review. This will ensure they are prepared to receive and process your merchandise on the correct date.


Once completed, please address your shipment to:

Topspin Fulfillment US
c/o Bandmerch
3120 West Empire Ave
Burbank, CA 91504

Topspin Fulfillment UK
MAM Logistics Group
Thorn House
Road One/Road Three
Winsford Industrial Estate
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