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If you choose self-fulfillment, you will be responsible for managing and shipping all physical orders yourself. Get set up for self-fulfillment by going to the 'Fulfill' tab and clicking on 'Fulfillment Settings':


Click on 'Self-Fulfillment: I'll do it myself'. Then fill in your fulfillment settings and you'll be ready to ship orders in a matter of minutes.


Fill in your basic information as well as a Support Contact Name (this will appear on purchase and shipping receipts) and a support email address (it's vitally important to your fan relationships that your customers can get in touch if they need to. ;-)

Hit Save and you're ready to go.

Note: keep in mind that as a self-fulfiller you're responsible for the shipping and marking orders as "shipped" in the app. You can't get paid for orders that aren't marked shipped, so make sure you mark them as shipped the same day you ship them.

Advanced self-fulfillment settings

First select 'Choose Artist/Upgrade' (top right of application in blue):


Then click 'Settings' (same top right of application in blue next to the 'Choose Artist/Upgrade').

You will then see a screen with an option to select your 'Fulfiller Profile':


NOTE: You *must* select 'Choose Artist/Upgrade' *and then* 'Settings' directly after in order to access the 'Fulfiller Profile'. That is because your Fulfiller Profile is attached to your Topspin user login, not necessarily to one particular artist account. In the future, if you add several new artists accounts under your login, you will still have only one Fulfiller Profile. 

In your Fulfiller Profile, you will be able to access/add additional settings such as:

    • adding additional artist(s) to fulfill for
    • automated CSV order delivery via FTP
    • email notifications
    • warehouse location
    • handling costs
    • adding a rate card (for weight based shipping)
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