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Uncle Vinnie says he'll take care of your product fulfillment out of his warehouse? No problem. Have a previous relationship with a fulfiller that you'd like to stick with? Great! With Topspin, you can configure your account for Third-Party Fulfillment (this feature is available to Plus & Enterprise users).

Your warehouse will need to be set up with their own fulfiller account so that they can access your orders. They can create their login credentials by signing up for a free trial of Topspin here. Before changing anything over, make sure your fulfiller knows how to manage orders in Topspin.

Once your fulfiller is ready to start taking orders, you will be able to make the switch in your Topspin account. Go to Fulfill > Fulfillment Settings and choose "Third Party Fulfillers".


You'll be presented with a unique authorization code known as your "Fulfiller Token". Email this code to your fulfiller. Your fulfiller will then use this code to gain access to the Fulfill section of your account and begin managing orders for you. 

Token handoff for fulfillment

  • Artist Manager: generates a fulfillment token from their account and provides it to their Fulfillment Company
  • Fulfillment company: logs in to their business user account and navigates to the Fulfiller Profile
  • Fulfillment company: Fills out Fulfiller profile information and then clicks the add button and insert the token and save the changes

Once this has been completely set up, the fulfillment provider will see the artists they're responsible for fulfilling in their Fulfiller Profile. Orders placed going forward will be responsible of this fulfiller, who will then need to mark orders as shipped as they are sent out.


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