Using FTP for Third-Party Fulfillment Follow

Your FTP settings are located in your Fulfiller Profile, which you access via the 'Choose Artist / Upgrade' link at the top of the page.



Instead of choosing an artist, click on Settings at the top right.




Click on Fulfiller Profile to open the Fulfiller Profile configuration page. Once you're on that page, In the Pickup and Delivery panel, check the box that says 'Enable Automation', and enter your settings there, remembering to click 'Save'.


Once a customer makes a purchase, that order gets added to the Topspin system and pushed to the CSV that gets delivered daily (you can always view/confirm in the Fulfill section of the application).

•    CSV file pushed to an FTP serve or manually exported

Fulfiller action:
•    Fulfiller downloads the file from their FTP server
•    Ingests in to internal system and fulfills the orders.
•    Fulfiller Updates the following fields:
   a.    Shipped date
   b.    Shipped status False -> True
   c.    Shipping company  (UPS, Royal Mail, etc...)
   d.    Tracking # / info

•    Fulfiller saves file amending the file name.  Example: “Topspin-orders-csv-updated_5.1.2011.csv”
•    Fulfiller place file back up on FTP server or manually imports back into the app.
•    Topspin script pulls file out and ingests it into the artist account in able to update the account with shipped info.

Note:  Each day's order push will be unshipped orders only.  This means that if on Monday you fulfill 25 of 50 orders, Tuesday's file will have the 25 unshipped orders from Monday and new unshipped orders (no dupes).

If you have a firewall set up and need to know the IP range that Topspin uses so you can add an exception, please file a ticket with the request and we will supply that info.

Thorough testing is necessary to ensure smooth functionality.

Firewall & IP Information: The Topspin app will connect to your server from the subnet. 

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