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To bulk update the shipping status, tracking information, and shipping company information for multiple orders within the Fulfill section of your Topspin account, all you need to do is export a Topspin Orders CSV from your account, edit it, and re-import it.

Downloading Orders CSV files from your account

There are two ways to download new orders in a CSV spreadsheet for processing outside of the application:

1.) Go to Fulfill, select the relevant orders, and Click "CSV Export" (if you don't  select any orders, the CSV will contain all orders):


2.) Receive daily unshipped Orders CSVs automatically via FTP



Importing updated Orders CSV files into Topspin

There are two ways to import an updated Topspin orders CSV: Manually or Automatically. To import an updated Orders CSV manually, follow these steps:

1.) Save your Topspin Orders CSV with your desired updates. This may including switching shipped status to "TRUE" and adding tracking numbers or shipping company information: 


2.) In the Fulfill section of your artist account (or the main Orders section of your fulfiller account), click Import Updated Orders


3.) Select your updated Orders CSV and make sure your Import format is set to the same format that was originally used to export the orders (this is most likely "Full Order Info", unless you explicitly chose "Line Item" format when exporting). The file name doesn't need to match, but the format must match Topspin's template. Check the box for "Email shipping status information to fans" if you'd like your import to trigger an automated notification email alerting fans to their updated order status. If you'd like to receive an email summary of your import, check the box for "Receive email of import results". Click "Import File".  


Any updated orders should now reflect the changes you've imported via CSV:


Click into your updated orders to view imported details like Tracking Number and Shipping Method:




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