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A "Business User" is a Topspin user who has access to your account but does not own your account and cannot make changes to its Payment or Fulfillment arrangement. Every Topspin user, including you, has a unique user ID. You can always change your login email address, but this will not alter your underlying user ID number. Some users are account owners, while some are merely third parties with account access. Some users own accounts while also having third party access to a handful of other accounts. If you've opened a Topspin account, then you are the account's legal owner. If your manager would also like to access your account, then they'll need a their own login. Topspin can create a Business User login for them. As a Business User of your account, your manager will have access to all aspects of your account other than Payment Info and Fulfillment Settings, which are settings accessible only by account owners, themselves. 

Currently, business users can only be created by contacting Topspin Artist Support

Required information

To expedite your request for business users/roles, please include all the information requested as described in this section and please review the notes.

Note: Please allow 24 to 48 hours for resolution.

Request additional login to your artist account(s)

  1. Contact Topspin Artist Support from your account and request that we add a business user for you. Include the new user's desired email and password.
  2. Tell us exactly which artists the new login should be associated with

*Note: we can only grant access to an artist account if the account owner has given us permission to do so. 

Managing multiple accounts within the application

When you have a single login for multiple artists, your initial login page will appear as follows (for example):


Once you're logged into an artist account, you can toggle between other artist accounts by selecting the "Choose Artist/Upgrade" link (at the top right of the application).

Business User roles

The following roles are currently available:

  • Owner: Grants access to the Topspin application and the APIs.
  • Order: Provides access to the Orders API as well as the Orders UI (only) within your Topspin application (this means they have no access to any other sections of your app, but can manage orders out of the app)
  • Web: Provides access to the Topspin application, but does not have access to the APIs
  • Offer: Provides access to the offers API only (there is no ability to log in to the app with this role)
  • Reports: Provides access only to the Reports section of your app
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