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Account Ownership

When a Topspin account is created, its creator is immediately considered its owner. If dave@emailcom opens my account for me, then dave@emailcom technically owns the account, even if the account bears my own artist name. dave@emailcom will have exclusive control over my account's Payment Information, Fulfillment Settings, and upgrade status. Since account creators do not always end up being daily account managers, there are times when account ownership transfers become desirable, and our Artist Support team actually performs such transfers fairly frequently.

Transferring Ownership

Of course, there are important legal implications to transferring ownership of a Topspin account, so any ownership transfer must be initiated by the account owner themselves. In order to make an ownership change, Artist Support will need an explicit communication from the account owner/creator stating the following:

"I, [owner name and email login], would like to transfer my account ownership for [account name] to [new owner name and email]."

Please ask the current account owner to email this language to, and we'll make the change as soon as possible. 

*Please Note* Transfers can only be made between existing Topspin business users. Please make sure that the new owner has signed up with Topspin (and use the email they signed up with in your transfer request) before sending the transfer request email to Artist Support. 

Ownership Privileges

Primarily, Topspin account "Ownership" is defined by three important privileges: 


1. Access to/Control over Payment Information 



2. Access to/Control over Fulfillment Settings



3. Ability to purchase upgrades


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