Adding Additional Artist Accounts Follow

If you're a label, manager, or artist who'd like to create additional Topspin artist accounts under your current login, the process is as easy as one, two, three: 

1.) Log into your current Topspin account. Click "Choose Artist" in the top navigation bar: 



2.) When you reach your account overview login page, click "Add new artist" at bottom left:


3.) Name your new artist account and click "Create Account". Don't worry, you can edit your Artist Name later.


That's it! You've now added an additional Topspin artist account under your current login. When you log in, you'll now be able to select between multiple artist accounts.

Once logged in, you can return to the account selection screen by clicking the Choose Artist link at the top-right.

To upgrade your new account, or upgrade all of your accounts at once with a Topspin label-pricing bundle, just follow these instructions

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