Editing Your Artist Profile Follow


Access your Artist Profile by clicking on the Settings link in the upper navigation bar.


Subscription History

This will list your current subscription with Topspin, along with any upgrades you have purchased or redeemed in the past.


Basic Account Information


  • Artist ID: This is the ID for your account necessary when creating your Topspin Wordpress Store and the Facebook Store.
  • Artist Name: This is the name for your account. Best to set it and leave it unchanged.
  • Send Emails from: This is a configurable and allows fans to reach you directly if you'd like. The default is a 'do-not-reply' address. If your fans write to you with technical questions that you can not answer, please have them submit an email to our customer support team by filling out our Support Form
  • Billing Email: This is the email where billing notifications will be sent. The default for this field is your login email address.

Download Settings

This setting is the number of attempts that a fan has to download media that they obtained from your widgets.


Additional Contact Information

If the person named as the account owner will not handle the regular administration of this account, please enter the contact information for the normal user of this account:


Topspin Referral Partner


  • Referral Partner Name: Name of your Topspin marketing services partner

Web Presence Information


  • Custom Email Privacy Policy URL: This is the URL if you're customizing an email for media landing page
  • Your website: Direct link to your Artist website
  • MySpace Website: MySpace URL
  • Facebook Website: Facebook URL
  • Forums Website: Any sponsored public forum that fans can access
  • Twitter Settings
    • Authorize: Click this to authorize your Twitter settings within your Topspin application
  • Google Analytics
    • Username: This is the email of your Google analytics account
    • Password: Password of your Google account
    • Analytics Profile ID: ID for your profile in the format of: UA-17500927-1

Email Settings


  • Email Sign-Up Phrase: This phrase is displayed instead of your artist name in any email sign-up flows. Use it to make clear to a fan that they may be opting in to more than an artist-specific mailing list:
    • Without phrase: 'You will receive future email updates from ARTIST_NAME'
    • With phrase: 'You will receive future email updates from ARTIST_NAME and Sample Record Company
  • Email Sign-Up Messaging: This messaging is surfaced in email for media widgets and emails and allows you to detail additional email policies you may have, such as retention of email addresses, policies on whom if anyone mail addresses may be shared with, etc.

Fan Support FAQs

If you would like to add info to your FAQ (displayed in your Spinshop), you can add info here: 

This will be displayed to fans when they go to your Spinshop and click on 'Customer Support' in the bottom right corner of the application:


Your additions will be under the 'Customer support message from' section: 

Account Image

The account image is the image which is used as a default for certain fan interactions. For example, it will be surfaced on some social networks when you embed your widget. Choose an image that represents your band well.

Note: you will need to have an image uploaded into your Catalog before you can select an image for this area.


Buzzdeck Integration

If you have a buzzdeck account (http://buzzdeck.com/), and you keep track of stuff like social media analytics there, you can have it pull your Topspin data on sales, widget clicks, views, etc. This helps to unify all your data (if you use buzzdeck). If you would like to display your marketing and sales data in AWAL Buzzdeck, simply check the box shown below.


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