Canceling A Topspin Account Follow

We really hope you reconsider before leaving Topspin, but if it's just not meant to be, we understand. Canceling your artist account is a relatively simple process. Here are the five easy steps:

1. Make sure any outstanding orders are marked shipped.

Before closing down your account, you'll need to make sure that all outstanding orders in your account have been marked shipped. More information on payment schedule for the last remaining orders can be found here.

2. Suspend each of your offers

Offers created in Topspin will remain active even if your account reverts to Free Trial mode. This is by design, to ensure there is no lapse in service if rebilling for an account is unsuccessful for any reason. Before you close down your account, you'll want to make your offers unavailable for sale going forward. Fans will still be able to purchase if they find your Spinshop or any embeddable buy buttons online. You'll find the suspend button at the top-right of each configuration page in your Sell tab.

3. Disable automatic rebilling on your live receipt

When you upgraded to a paid Topspin account, you received a 'live receipt'. This receipt displays your up-to-date billing information and is set up for automatic rebilling by default. If you can't find a copy of your receipt, you'll be able to find a link in your Artist Profile.


To ensure your credit card is not rebilled again, your should navigate to your live receipt and click "disable rebilling". It's a one-click process. 




Click the "Disable Rebilling" button shown above. Your receipt should now look like this:




4. Do not re-upgrade after your account reverts to Free Trial mode

When it comes time to pay for another month/year of Topspin, simply do not pay. Let your account revert to Free Trial mode. Free Trial mode is a "non-destructive" state, meaning your account will not actually be harmed. Effectively, it will just become inactive, remaining in Free Trial mode for 90 days before it is finally deleted. You'll have ample time to return to Topspin if you change your mind. 

5. Contact Artist Support 

If you're a business user with multiple account access and would like a newly inactive account removed from your login page, Artist Support can usually process your request and remove the account within 48 hours. 

If you've recently disabled rebilling for your account and are planning to exit the platform entirely, please take a moment to let us know why you've decided not to use Topspin. We would really appreciate the feedback. We always want to learn from our mistakes and get an understanding of why people choose to leave us. Is there anything we could have done better? What platform will you be using for direct-to-consumer sales in the future? We'd be very grateful if you took the time to let us know. 

We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and remember, you're always welcome back here at Topspin!

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