Upgrading Your Account Follow

If your account is in Free Trial mode and you'd like to upgrade to Topspin, Topspin Plus, or Topspin Enterprise, just click "Choose Artist/Upgrade" in the top navigation bar in your account: 



Make sure to choose the artist account you'd like to upgrade from the drop down menu and click 'Upgrade':


You'll be presented with a payment modal with upgrade options for Topspin, Topspin Plus, or Topspin Enterprise in a monthly or yearly billing schedule:


Important: Make 100% certain that you're upgrading the correct account under your login by referencing the artist name at the top of the modal: 


Choose your preferred Topspin plan, get your preferred payment credit card ready, and proceed through checkout. That's all there is to it! Welcome to Topspin!

Important Note: If you'll be upgrading multiple accounts in direct succession, please "refresh" your browser in between account updates. Checking the artist name in the modal (see above) will be sufficient to ensure you don't double-upgrade a single account, but refreshing your browser is a good precaution to take if you'd like to be doubly sure. Multiply upgraded accounts will receive the cumulative value of the multiple upgrades applied. If you upgrade a single account to Topspin monthly twice, you will need to disable rebilling on one of your receipts to prevent double billings. 

Automatic Renewal

Once you've upgraded your account, you'll receive an emailed receipt. This emailed receipt will contain a link to your "Live Receipt", where you can activate or deactivate an automatic re-billing schedule for your membership. If you'd like your Topspin account to revert back to Free Trial mode at the end of your current subscription period, make sure to click "Disable Rebilling" (see below). If you leave rebilling enabled, you will be billed and upgraded automatically each month. Your historical payments will be listed on your Live Receipt:


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