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Enable/Disable Automatic Re-billing On Your Live Receipt

When you upgrade your Topspin account to a paid plan, you will receive a receipt via email. This receipt can also be accessed in your Artist Profile.

By default, automatic rebilling is enabled so that there is no lapse in subscription. You may disable this at any time by clicking the link on your live receipt.


When Auto-Renew is ON:

You will have full access to your Topspin account when this is turned on. With this enabled, you won't need to remember to re-enter your payment information to keep your account active month-to-month or year-to-year. Each month, at the time of account expiration, your account will automatically renew, and you will see the rebill listed on you live receipt. Additionally, you will see the rebill date noted in your Artist Profile


When Auto-Renew is OFF:

If this is disabled, your account will revert to Free Trial mode on the specified expiration date. Nothing in your account will be removed or deleted while your account sits in Free Trial mode, but you will not be able to publish any changes or send out emails. When in Free Trial mode, you will be very limited in access until you would like to upgrade to a paid tier again. Once Auto-Renew has been disabled for an account and it has reverted to Free Trial mode, it is not possible to turn this back on. You will need to re-enter your payment information when you re-upgrade to a paid tier again.

You will be able to re-upgrade at any time by clicking the Choose Artist/Upgrade link at the top-right of your account while logged in, and more instructions on upgrading can be found here. A new live receipt will be sent to you as you will be starting a new subscription term.

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