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Monthly Statements are posted in the Dashboard section of your Topspin account on the 15th of every month.

The statement shown below is an example of what your February statement might look like. This statement would be posted on March 15th and would detail all revenue accrued in your account between February 1st and February 28th (the first and last day of the month). February's Total Profit would be paid out on March 22nd.




The equation used to calculate Total Sales margin for the above statement is as follows:

Gross sales minus revenues paid to third parties minus credit card fees minus Topspin's fee = Total Sales


For the example statement above, this is calculated thusly: 

$500 - ($0 + $18.76 + $75) = $406.24

The example statement above also includes further adjustments for Pallet Storage Fees and Bandwidth Charges, which are subtracted from Total Sales in order to arrive at February's Total Profit (to be paid March 22nd):

$406.24 - ($15.00 + $0.67) = $390.57

Note: If for some reason you neglect to set up or verify your Payment Info over several payment periods, we'll simply collect your Total Profit each month and hang on to the money until we have all of your information. Once your Payment Info is submitted and verified, we'll release all cumulative funds due based on the schedule mentioned above. 

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