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Check activity in your account

When you log into Topspin, your Dashboard will display a snapshot of what's been going on in your account. Consider this a brief overview of what happened in the previous day, as stats provided will show a general report of sales, as well as the number of unshipped orders currently in your account.





Dashboards are updated daily around midnight PST

The stats displayed on your Dashboard are compiled nightly. Just after 12:00AM PT (GMT-8), your Dashboard will refresh to include yesterday's date. At that time, sales data is compiled, and the robots inside Topspin check all orders that have been closed and posted that calendar day. Processing this huge volume of sales data can take a little while, but all updates should be posted around 3:00AM PT. Each artist account is updated independently, so don't worry if one of your artist accounts is updated before another.



Check your Fulfill tab for real-time status of orders

If you want to check how many sales were placed on a certain day, and your Dashboard has not yet been updated, you can always check your Fulfill tab. Orders will show up here immediately once payment has been processed, and this tab will display the most up to date status of orders in your account. You can search for orders placed on a certain date if you are looking for specific data.



By default, your Fulfill tab displays only physical orders that need to be sent out, so check ensure you are searching in "All Orders" on the left if you would like to view digital-only transactions as well.


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