Check daily activity in your Dashboard Follow

Your dashboard will display a brief review of sales

Here is snapshot of what happened yesterday. Reports in the dashboard are updated at midnight Pacific Standard Time (0:00, GMT-8).

Report: Overview

This is a simple view to see how your offers have done over the past year. You can check through the number of offers purchased, average sale per transaction, and also see the refunds that were issued through your account.



Report: Products and Offers

Here you will be able to see more details that aren't surfaced in the Overview page. You can toggle the duration of time shown in this report by using the drop down at the top-right. 



The results on these pages provide an overview of your account, but it is best to check your Fulfill tab for the most up to date information on the status of orders in your account. You will receive in-depth reports on all of your sales in the current payment period when your Monthly Statement is made available in your Dashboard.

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