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We can set you up for daily or weekly sales reports

If you are looking for a snapshot of sales over the past day or week, we can set you up for automated reports. Just click Contact Support at the bottom of any Topspin page to request either a daily or weekly reports, and we can make these available for you within a business day. Please be sure to provide all of the following when requesting reports on your account:

1. Artist name and Artist ID

2. Email address (must match account owner login, or someone with Business User access to the account)

3. Whether you would like daily or weekly reports


Orders by Buy Button

This report will provide insight on each of your campaigns in your account in the denoted period. Weekly reports will display activity over the past week, and daily reports will provide sales that occurred in the past calendar day or week. You will also be provided month-to-date, year-to-date, and also life-to-date stats on each buy button in this report.



Orders by Merch

This report will provide details on sales based on the SKU number in your Products tab. You'll see the number of sales, as well as the number of units available for each product based on sales in the denoted period. You will get reports on weekly or daily sales, as well as life-to-date numbers on the total units sold.


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