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Start taking sales before street date

Topspin allows you to take pre-orders before your album is released. Plus and Enterprise accounts have access to digital pre-orders, which will allow you to process transactions without actually delivering digital goods until the exact time you specify when setting up your offer.


Enable Preorder Configuration

You will be able to set up an offer as a pre-order when you initially create the campaign in your Sell tab. More detailed information on setting up a standard offer can be found You will find more in depth information on how to create your offer here

When setting up your offer, check to box to enable Preorder Configuration. When activated, you'll see the module expand to display Digital Delivery Date, Street Date Product and also the Instant Gratification Product.

Setting up your Digital Delivery Date


The digital delivery date is the exact time that all digital contents in your offer will be made available for fans to download. If this is set to a time in the future, fans will see a grayed out download link on their receipt, and the digital delivery date will be listed in the product description. When the digital delivery date arrives, fans will be notified to download their media from their live receipt, which will then show an active download link containing the media.

This is the exact time that all digital media included in both the Product Choice section, as well as the Street Date Product (if configured), will be made available for download on fan receipts.


 Setting a Street Date Product


If the package set in the Product Choice section does not contain everything that you want to make available for fans to download at Digital Delivery Date, you'll want to set up an additional Street Date Product. This media will be unavailable until the Digital Delivery Date, and works just the same way as any digital media included in the Product Choice section above.

Choose the Audio Track and Video Formats you would like to make available for fans to purchase. They will be able to select from a drop-down at checkout if multiple selections are made available for your offer.

SUPER IMPORTANT pt. 1: Once a Street Date Product has been set up, you must have a product configured here in order for download links to be made available at Digital Delivery Date. Please make sure that your product is correctly configured before the Digital Delivery Date. If the Digital Delivery Date passes and there is no product configured, no media will be made available for download at Digital Delivery Date.

SUPER IMPORTANT pt. 2: You can edit the contents of any digital packages contained in the Street Date Product right up to the Digital Delivery Date. However, the contents of any digital packages contained in the main 'Product Choice' section will be delivered to fans on the Digital Delivery Date exactly as they were are the time the purchase was made and cannot be edited after purchase. So, if you are setting up a preorder and don't yet have the files for the digital package, make sure to include the digital package as the Street Date Product in the Preorder Configuration section (not in the main Product Choice section) so that you can add them to the digital package later (but still before the Digital Delivery Date).

Setting up an Instant Gratification Product


Your Instant Gratification Product will be made immediately available at purchase. This is not governed by the Digital Delivery Date, and any media configured here will be made available for fans to download prior to any other digital media included in the offer.

If you would like to allow downloads of this product after the Digital Delivery Date, make sure to check the box so that fans can continue to download. If this box is not checked, fans will be presented with a grayed out inactive download link on their receipt after the street date has passed.

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