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Sell directly to your fans

Create offers in Topspin to sell directly to your audience. Each offer will provide an embeddable buy button, allowing you to take transactions right on your website. You will also be able to make offers available in your Spinshop so fans can begin placing orders immediately.


Name your offer and enter a brief description

Navigate to your Sell tab, and click New Offer. Configure all of your Campaign Settings to personalize the shopping experience, and guide fans through the checkout process.

Internal Name: This will not be shown to fans, and is visible in your Sell tab only.

Fan Facing Name: The name of the offer that is shown to fans.

Button Text: The text that will display on the buy button for this offer.

Description: This is fan-facing and will display when a customer clicks More Info. Also presented on fan receipts, so keep this brief (Under 300 characters works best)

Theme: The style buy button you would like to create. Black is a black button with white text. White is a white button with black text.

Highlight Color: The accent color of the Checkout/Keep Shopping text within the purchase window

Note: This field is editable after publishing your widget, so you can go back to make changes as needed.

Street date: This does not affect availability. This is the date receipts will show that your merchandise will ship. Purchase buttons with a street date set in the future will not report to Soundscan until the first reporting period after the street date.


Control where your offer is displayed publicly

Topspin Store: Checking this box will display this offer in your Topspin Store

Offers API: Checking this box will make this offer available via the API. Mark this if you want your offer to show up through the Wordpress Plugin or any other externally developed buy button.

Paid Affiliates: This feature has been discontinued, so you can leave this unchecked.

Test Override: Checking this box will make this offer available via the offers and store APIs ONLY to users who have ownership access to the account. This is for testing offers through the API only. Selecting this option overrides all over distribution options, so make sure to uncheck this before you make this offer live.


Select your product to sell

Choose any item or package from your Products tab to sell in this offer.

If you are looking to sell more than one product, you'll first need to create a Package to bundle everything together.


Display a streaming player on your product page

Each offer will have an individual product page if made available in your Topspin store. If there is digital media in the product or package being sold, you can set up a streaming player to display in your Spinshop when a fan clicks More Info. Create a new one here, or select an existing streaming player from your Promote tab. More information on customizing your player can be found here.



Start selling digital downloads before street date

Topspin Plus and Enterprise accounts have access to automated preorders. This means you can start taking orders before release day.

Prior to digital delivery date, download links will display as an inactive, gray-ed out download box on fan receipts. Messaging about when downloads will become available are noted below the description of that line item.

Set the exact date and time you'd like to make downloads available, and also select an instant gratification product for fans to download immediately at purchase, before the rest of the release is available.

More details on how to make sure this is all set up correctly can be found here.


Price your offer

See exactly how much margin you will make and also estimate costs associated with your campaign when entering the price for your offer. The breakdown of each offer is automatically calculated in the Pricing Rules section, and will allow you to check the final price charged to the fan prior to any shipping costs.

Hide ticketing fee: Choose whether you would like to hide or display the fee associated with ticket purchases on fan receipts. Electing to hide the ticketing fee means that this will not display as a separate line item on fan receipts, and will simply be included in the total price of the offer charged to the fan.

Restrict Quantity: If selling a limited item, you restrict the quantity purchasable by a single fan.

Accepted Payments: Certain payment methods can be toggled for each offer. By default, PayPal, MasterCard, JCB, VISA and American Express are enabled, and you'll be able to remove any of these by unchecking the corresponding box within this module.

Note: Each buy button must be priced in a single currency. If you're looking to offer your product in multiple currencies, you'll need to create a separate buy button for each currency.

Restricting sales by region

Offers are available in all regions by default. If you would like to make your offer not available in a certain country, simply uncheck the box for that country. If a fan tries to purchase from within that region, they will encounter a "Not available in xx country" when they enter their address at checkout.



Set the shipping price

If you are selling a physical product, this is where you'll set the price of shipping that is charged directly to the fan. If you are using Topspin Fulfillment, we take care of this for you so that you don't have to worry about it.

Flat Fee Shipping: This is a flat rate that will be charged per quantity purchased. You can find more information about setting up Flat Rate shipping here

Weight Based Shipping: This is dependent on the weight of all items purchased in a single transaction. You will find detailed instructions on how to set up weight based shipping here.



Restrict your offer to members

You can restrict access to members of your fanclub. Fans will need to log into their membership in order to add this offer to their cart.

You can use this gate to offer products are a member-specific price without having to manually check who is eligible. Fans who are not members would be prompted to purchase a membership in order to buy this gated offer.

More information on setting up an Access Requirement can be found here.


Link to another offer after checkout

In the final window where a fan is provided a link to view their receipt, you can also add additional text and a button-link do direct fans once they are finished purchasing. When a fan clicks the cross-sell button, a new window will open up and navigate to the configured URL.


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