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Each Topspin account includes a store that you can customize on a static URL. You'll be able to personalize your store by customizing your URL, header, and color scheme. This basic store will allow you to start selling without requiring knowledge of website building, or purchase of an additional domain to house your offers. If you haven't created any offers yet, you'll find instructions on how to set one up here.


Personalize your Spinshop

To access your store settings, navigate to your Sell tab, and click the Store Settings link at the top-left. You will find the settings module at the top-right, over a preview of your Spinshop.

Store Basics

URL: This is your store domain and will be accessible when fans access. In above example, the spinshop for Topspin Jonny is Press the "Check if the url is available" button to ensure that it's not already in use. NOTE: If you publish offers/widgets and then decide to *change* the name of your URL, make sure you update your previously published offers/widgets to use the *newly changed* URL name. Otherwise, your old offers/widgets will not find the location of your newly named URL, and fans will not be directed to your spinshop.

Store Title (optional): This is the title of your store and appears in the upper left.

Description (optional): A brief description of your website for fans which appears to the right of the Store Title

Artist Name: By default, your store will display your artist name.

Custom Image: Personalize your store by uploading a custom header (940 x 120px). Choose from any picture in your image carousel. If you haven't yet uploaded your header image, you fill find instructions  here.


Use one of the pre-set color schemes, or enter hex colors to customize the display of your Spinshop.

Background: The background of individual offers in your Spinshop, which will display when hovered over. This also determines one color of the gradient in your header and footer.

Header/Footer Gradient: The second color used in conjunction with your background color entered above.

Navigation Background: The color of your navigation tabs at the top of your store.

Page Body: The color of the page behind your Spinshop.

Clickable items: This includes clickable aspects of your store including the "Add to Cart" button, navigation tabs, and the product prices/descriptions at the bottom of each offer.

Text Headers: Any non-clickable text on your page including your navigation tabs, the name and price of an offer when hovered over, as well as your Artist Name if you are using a plain text header (not a custom image).

Description Text: The text color when a fan clicks "More Info."

Organize offers using tabs

Navigation tabs: Fans are more likely to buy when presented with a few clear offers, rather than stores containing dozens of offers. Group similar products together using tags, and display them as separate pages of your Spinshop.

Customize the name of each tab, which will be displayed at the top of your store. Each tab will exclusively contain offers for the tag selected.

You can create up to 10 tabs to display in your store.

Featured offer: If you would like to showcase a single offer, this will display prominently above all other offers in the first tab of your Spinshop.

Order offers: Organize offers by name, date created, currency, price or popularity.

Customer Support FAQ

Customer Support Message: Provide helpful information regarding a fans purchase on a separate customer support link.


Control each offer's availability in the Sell tab

You can choose whether you'd like to make an offer available for purchase in your public Spinshop. Offers that have the Topspin Store checked in Distribution Options will show up on your Spinshop URL. If for some reason you'd like to hide an offer from your Spinshop, you can always uncheck this box.

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