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As an alternative to using Topspin's template store, the Spinshop, you can also embed Topspin buy buttons on your own website or elsewhere, allowing you to build a customized store in keeping with your own branding and with your website's look and feel.


By default, black or white themed buy buttons are created for each offer within your Sell tab. If you are looking to customize your buttons, you'll be able to change the image by adjusting the embed code on your website.


Grab your embed code

Once you have created your offer, you'll be able to find the embed code at the top-center of the configuration page in your Sell tab. Copy and paste this code into a text editor so that you can edit it before adding to your page.



Remove class="ts_buttonlink"

Remove this from the default embed code. This should leave a standard "anchor" tag (link): <a href="buybuttoncustom.jpg


Enter new image URL 

Replace your button text with an image URL of your choice. You will be able to upload your image to a file hosting site such as Flickr or Photobucket, or your website builder may host the image for you.



Paste your new code on your page

Your embed code should now look something like this. Paste this on your website and your custom image will display instead of the default buy button.




*You can also use this same modification when using Redemption Code buttons.

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