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Topspin’s Creative Services team has run many successful ticketing campaigns for high-profile artists and tours, and we're always looking to optimize the front-end user (fan) experience. We've learned that if you're selling tickets, especially for multiple dates, your page's layout, presentation, and ease-of-use are absolutely critical to creating a positive fan experience.

In our own campaigns, any ticket page’s main component is always the "ticket grid", which is a simple, row-by-row format listing every date of the tour along with a corresponding purchase button. This design has been implemented for artists such as Daughtry (pictured below), Digitalism, Linkin Park, Matisayhu, Nero, Umphrey’s McGee, and many others. Now, you can build your own ticketing pages with our ticketing template!

Click here to download Topspin's ticketing template HTML + CSS


How to use assets/js/offers.js

  • This file controls all your buy buttons
  • Each line has a name space (ex: ticket001+1) that must correspond to the same, unique name in your HTML:
    • <a href="javascript:void(0);" onClick="open_url('ticket001+1'); return false;" >
  • Each line must contain your Topspin artist ID (aId)
  • Each line must contain the relevant buy button’s campaign ID (cId)
  • Any other edits made to this file other than the following, and it will not work:
    • name space
    • aId
    • cId

Do you have great examples of our ticketing grid in use? Send your ticketing page URL to Topspin, and we may choose to feature it in a blog post or weekly webcast!

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