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Each week, Millward Brown and the OCC count the number of units sold for digital singles, digital albums, CDs, vinyl, and video singles.

For Topspin to report a sale to the OCC, there are a set of requirements based on the OCC Chart Rules. The full text of the rules can be downloaded from the OCC website here.

Only sales to UK-based customers are eligible, and there are rules regarding format, pricing, packaging, bundling with merchandise, competitions, combining sales, and preorder incentives. 

It’s also worth noting that for a sale to be reported, the following must occur:

  • Digital: a sale is complete once the financial transaction and the download have taken place
  • Physical: a sale is complete once the financial transaction has taken place and the product has been shipped

Because the download/shipping must occur for a sale to be reported, preorders will not be reported until street date.  Please note that for physical sales to be reported to the OCC, you must use Topspin Fulfilment UK.

The full text of the OCC Chart Rules rules can be downloaded here and should be consulted in all cases.

All physical formats require: a unique catalogue ID, which relates to a unique barcode. This applies even for identical recordings with different packaging or colour variations.

All digital formats require: a unique barcode; ISRCs for individual tracks.

Ensure that all your barcodes and ISRCs are registered with Millward Brown.

Setting up with Topspin

In order for Topspin to report your digital sales, you’ll need to first ensure that your offers comply with the OCC chart rules. We’ll then need you to supply the following information for the products (download template file below):

  • Artist ID
  • Artist Name
  • Product Title
  • Campaign ID (located in the purchase button details: Campaign Settings panel)
  • Indicate whether the product is digital or physical
  • Barcode/ISRC
  • Retail price
  • Registered Dealer Price
  • Street Date

Please send the completed information spreadsheet to If we need further information with regard to chart eligibility, we’ll let you know. 

Does Topspin register my UPCs or ISRCs with Millward Brown?

No. Please contact Millward Brown to enquire about registering your products. It is your responsibility to ensure that your UPCs and ISRCs are correctly registered and are the right codes for your products. 

What if I don’t have an ISRC or UPC already?

If you need an ISRC, please contact PPL 
If you need a UPC, please contact a digital distributor.

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