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Each week, Nielsen Soundscan counts the number of units sold for digital singles, digital albums, CDs, vinyl, and video singles. If you meet all of the requirements laid out below, you are eligible to report your Topspin sales to Nielsen Soundscan! To activate your Topspin Plus or Enterprise account for Soundscan reporting, just reach out to Artist Support.  

In order for Topspin to report a sale to Nielsen Soundscan, three initial requirements need to be met:

  • The artist account must a Plus or Enterprise account
  • The sale must take place in USD
  • The billing address of the sale must be in the US or Canada

A sale with a US billing address will scan to the US Soundscan charts, and a sale with a Canadian billing address will scan to the Canadian Soundscan charts. 

Reporting Sales To Soundscan FAQ

What does MSRP stand for?

  • MSRP stand for Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price.

How do I find out my MSRP?

  • When you file your title with Soundscan you file UPC + MSRP so Soundscan has your MSRP on file. If you did not file the title yourself (i.e. your label did) you will need to acquire it from them.

Does Topspin validate MSRP and UPC/ISRC codes with Soundscan and why or why not?

  • No, Topspin cannot validate your MSRP and UPC/ISRC codes. Soundscan's systems do not include any API functionality so there is no way to tie into their backend to provide this validation in the Topspin app.

Because of additional eligibility criteria set out by Nielsen, not all sales will necessarily qualify for reporting. As a general guide, the rules state:

  • Only the following product types are reportable: digital single, digital album, CD, vinyl, and video single. DO NOT use product type "Other" in Topspin if the product is to be reported. Soundscan does not recognize products classified as "Other".
  • All albums that sell for at least $3.49, regardless of the MSRP, are eligible for Soundscan Reporting. You may not report one album multiple times within one bundle. 'CD/Vinyl + Digital' bundles will earn one scan.
  • If a product does not have an ISRC (digital single, video single) or a UPC (digital album, CD, vinyl), then it is not reportable.

UPC stands for Universal Product Code. 
ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code. 
MSRP stands for Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price.

Does Topspin register my UPCs or ISRCs with Soundscan?

No. Please refer to Soundscan's page about registration for the necessary forms to register your UPC for reporting. Please note that Soundscan recommends a three to four week lead time. All UPCs and ISRCs to be entered on your Topspin account must FIRST be submitted to the Nielsen Soundscan database - otherwise those scans will be flagged and rejected by Nielsen. 

What if I don't have an ISRC or UPC already?

If you need a UPC, Visit CDBaby
If you need an ISRC, Visit

Presale Reporting

If you are running a preorder campaign, you do not want to report your sales prior to street date. Just use the "Street Date" field in your Offer's details page. Simply enter whatever the street date is for your release and publish changes. Reports to Soundscan will be sent the first reporting period after the street date.

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