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Check stock levels in real-time

Use this Labs tool to check inventory levels utilizing Topspin's API. Access the tool here:

You will find stock levels for each of the products in your account currently associated with an offer. Find information on each product's quantity available to sell, as well as the total number of units sold.


Enter your API credentials

You'll find your login and API key in your Artist Settings. Enter them and click Submit for access.



Download your inventory report

Click Settings at the top-left to view your reporting settings. Below the artist drop-down, you will find a link to download a CSV of your inventory levels. This report will exactly match the information that displays on your main inventory report page.




Set up regularly scheduled inventory reports

On your settings page, you will be able to configure reports to your inbox. Select between daily or weekly reports using the drop-down. Click the Save button below to initiate this report.



Configure "low inventory" alerts

Receive notifications by email when stock levels fall below a certain number. You can toggle this notification on and off using the switch, and also customize the level which triggers a message being sent to you. Click the Save button to put this into action.


You can also set individual overrides for each SKU ID below if you have slow or fast moving merchandise. Enter the quantity number you'd like to receive notifications for that specific product, and toggle that override using the checkbox. Scroll all the way to the bottom of your products and click the Save button to enable any individual overrides.



Note: Products not currently included in any offers will not display in your inventory report. 

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