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Use Topspin's membership product to restrict access to members

Reward members of your fanclub with special access to exclusive offers using Topspin's membership product. By gating an offer with a membership, you can then create buy buttons at discounted pricing, or for products not available to the general public.

Once you have created your membership product, you will be able to select this as a requirement for purchase when creating your offer. Fans will be prompted to log in when they try to add the offer to their cart. 

Additionally, your web developer will be able to gate certain pages of your website using this method.

Setting up an access requirement

When creating an offer, you'll find the Access Requirement section at the very bottom of the set up page. Next to that, you'll find each of the membership products currently available in your account. If you haven't set up a membership yet, you'll find how to do that here.

Locate or create an offer in your Sell tab. Scroll down to "Access Requirement", and check the box for the relevant Membership. Fans will be unable to purchase this particular offer until they have logged into this particular access product.

Enter messaging for fans who are not yet members

Cross-sell Message: Enter custom text to direct fans who are not current members to purchase. Let them know that they need to be an active member to proceed, and provide instructions on how to purchase access.

Cross-sell URL: Where fans can purchase access.

Cross-sell Button Message: Customize your button.



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