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Use our Link Builder to create custom share links, driving fans from Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr to a web page of your choice. These links are trackable, giving you insight into which social channels have the most fan engagement. Examples below:

Share on Twitter | Share on Facebook | Share on Tumblr

How to use Link Builder

1. Go to the Link Builder on Topspin Labs here.

2. Under MAIN SETTINGS, fill in the needed info

a. The name of your artist.

b. Your artist ID. To find it, click here.

c. The name of your campaign.

d. The url of the page you want to share.

e. Select "Image of offer."

f. Your email address.

Skip editing the width dimensions. You don't need them.

3. Input your desired share copy and image, then click SAVE.

4. Copy and paste your Share Links onto your webpage.

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