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We are preparing your recently uploaded files for use and they will be available shortly.

When digital files are uploaded to your Products tab, they are transcoded for use on the platform. The time it takes for files to complete processing varies by file type, size, and traffic on the platform at the time of import.

Apple Lossless and PNG files are recommended as they process almost immediately. Other file types are accepted, but may take longer to transcode. More information on the requirements for each file type can be found here.

If your import has not shown up in your Products tab within 15 minutes of upload, there may be an issue with one of the files causing a delay. If you have tried uploading Apple Lossless or PNG files with no success, please submit a request so that we can check into the status of your upload.

Uploading via FTP

If uploading large files, or a high volume of files, you may want to utilize the FTP for upload. You'll be able to find how to get this set up here.

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